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80 Marketing Ideas

In my nearly 15 years of marketing I’ve come across too many marketing ideas to count. Actually, I can count about 80 of them. They are all listed here as a quick list of ideas to boost your photography business strategy across social media, SEO, offline marketing, email marketing, and networking.



How to Optimize a Photography Blog

This 19 page PDF gives photographers a comprehensive overview for how to make your blog get sales, including plug-ins, themes, categories, and search engine optimization. Zach Prez shares every secret for how to make your photoblog successful.




Vision Statement Workbook

A vision statement can mean the difference between a ho-hum business and a business that stops you in your tracks. Learn the questions you should be asking yourself, see examples, and learn how to write the perfect vision with this free PDF workbook.




5 Traffic Sparks for the Online Photographer

It’s no surprise thousands of new photographers pop up on the web every month. The Internet offers an endless stream of customer referrals, and you can make fast friends — seemingly overnight — with your competitors. It begs the question: How are photographers finding success online, and how can their techniques be copied? You’ll find the answers in this free guide: a quick-and-dirty overview of search engines, social media, online advertising and blogging.


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Your Art Gallery

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