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I’ve been marketing to photographers for the last 5 years. Photographers trust Zach and Photography Spark for business building information, including ideas, news, and product recommendations.

A new photograher is constantly on the lookout for new products

Advertising Options

Email newsletter $150

Paragraph product promotion in my newsletter with 7,000 double opt-in subscribers

Social media promotion $150

Mention on my Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest accounts with 12K combined social media following

Banner advertising $40 for 3 months

Estimated 40K impressions per month on right side of the blog

Sponsored post $150

Contribute a tutorial article for the site (for example a Guide to Studio Management) which can promote your product at the end (subject to Zach’s editorial approval and guest post guidelines)

Link in an existing post

I can cross promote you in a post that is already highly visible

Ebook sponsorship $500

Half page ad in the ebook reaching hundreds of learning photographers plus promotion on product landing page reaching thousands of people. See Your Art Gallery example on this page.

Black Friday Sponsor $500

One of the top 3 deals on my Black Friday deals page (est 15K views). Inclusion in all 3 of my Black Friday email pushes. Additional space for your deal (photo of your choice, longer description than the other deals). Removal of affiliate link (so I will not collect affiliate commissions from your links).

Sitewide Sponsor $1000 per month

Banner/product promo for you at the end of every blog post
Branding/link in every newsletter
Monthly post for you across my social media accounts
Remove affiliate links completely
#1 spot on the 2016 best digital products post
1 dedicated product email (for the year) to my 7K subscribers
Additional guest posts?
Whatever else we can come up with

Lead Generation $2 CPL

I will show your email signup as a popup on my site. Currently getting about 150 signups per month using a free ebook/email signup offer. I will put your form code on the page and all signups will go directly to your email system. I will be able to track on my end and send you a monthly invoice for the number that registered.

Bulk Ebook Sales

Perfect for vendors who want to give away a $99 value ebook as an incentive or special bonus:

      • $250 for 25 copies
      • $500 for 100 copies
      • $750 for 250 copies
      • $1000 for up to 5,000 copies used within one year



Site Metrics

  • 35K-50K unique visitors per month
  • 700K pageviews last year
  • 7K newsletter subscribers

0-2 years experience 59%
2-5 years experience 21%
5+ years experience 20%

Full-time professional 36%
Semi-professional 36%
Intermediate 28%

Portrait 70%
Children & Family 52%
Wedding 40%
Seniors 34%
Landscape 27%
Boudoir 25%

US 60%
International 40%