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I’ve been marketing to photographers for the last 5 years. Photographers trust Zach and Photography Spark for business building information, including ideas, news, and product recommendations.

A new photograher is constantly on the lookout for new products


Women age 25-45
2-4 years of photography experience
Active on Facebook and Pinterest

Advertising Options

  • Email newsletter – paragraph product promotion in my newsletter with 4,000 double opt-in subscribers – $100
  • Social media promotion – mention on my Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest accounts with 10K combined social media following – $100
  • Banner advertising – estimated 20K impressions per month on right side of the blog
  • – $25 for 3 months

  • Sponsored post – contribute a tutorial article for the site (for example a Guide to Studio Management) which can promote your product at the end – $100
  • Ebook sponsorship – half page ad in the ebook reaching hundreds of learning photographers plus promotion on product landing page reaching thousands of people – $500

Zach can help you highly influential group through Photography Spark emails, Facebook mentions, pins on Pinterest, and product placement on the website. Or sponsor an ebook for maximum awareness.

Contact me to discuss advertising and custom options. I may be able to promote your business at no cost. I’m open to trades, affiliate partnerships, and guest blog posts.

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