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I’ve been marketing to photographers for the last 5 years. Photographers trust Zach and Photography Spark for business building information, including ideas, news, and product recommendations.

A new photograher is constantly on the lookout for new products

Advertising Options

      • Email newsletter – paragraph product promotion in my newsletter with 7,500 double opt-in subscribers – $150
      • Social media promotion – mention on my Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest accounts with 12K combined social media following – $150
      • Banner advertising – estimated 40K impressions per month on right side of the blog
        – $40 for 3 months
      • Sponsored post – contribute a tutorial article for the site (for example a Guide to Studio Management) which can promote your product at the end – $150 (subject to Zach’s editorial approval and guest post guidelines)
      • Link in an existing post – I can cross promote you in a post that is already highly visible $75
      • Ebook sponsorship – half page ad in the ebook reaching hundreds of learning photographers plus promotion on product landing page reaching thousands of people – $500

Bulk Ebook Sales

Perfect for vendors who want to give away a $99 value ebook as an incentive or special bonus:

      • $250 for 25 copies
      • $500 for 100 copies
      • $750 for 250 copies
      • $1000 for up to 5,000 copies used within one year

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Women, age 25-45, active on Facebook and Pinterest

0-2 years experience 59%
2-5 years experience 21%
5+ years experience 20%

Full-time professional 36%
Semi-professional 36%
Intermediate 28%

Portrait 70%
Children & Family 52%
Wedding 40%
Seniors 34%
Landscape 27%
Boudoir 25%

US 60%
International 40%